Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maroon is for my sweet Najihah.....

I took about 3 months to complete this blouse and skirt...
I just do not know how to get manage my hobby,my house work and my children..i have to secrifice my precious bed time just to finish sewing this dress, and i like the result..
Using cotton fabric, and simple thread embroidery...i never go for any class, just learn from books and internet...that is why there's need a lot of improvement...


  1. Comelnya!
    Takpe la ambil masa lama nak siap pun.

  2. u're so talented la dear, ilmu dhujung jari tekan tenet ye tak ehhe

  3. AkieZecky,Yati & aien,

    tgk org buat, kita pun teringin nak buat..
    x kisah la klu x secantik org lain pun...janji sendiri puas hati kan..