Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My sewing project wish lists !!!!

I was so inspired by many crafters out there who are always come out with their new and awesome projects.
I know that some of them are also a working woman and having children but they still managed to do that.
So I had no chance to use them as a reason why i can't make up with something such.
I have lists few projects down here to encourage myself.
So move on........even it will takes ages to complete....

1) Sun hat for my daughters and hubby
2) My coffee and dining  table runner
3) 3 Diaper stackers as a gift for my friends
4) My own baju kurung
5) Dresses for my 2 princess

Enough for now.......


  1. Wah... tak sabor nak tengok projek-projek dalam wishlish ni..
    Go go, Ros! :)

  2. Alamak!!!.Malu la kat Yati....Yati doakan ye...

  3. Nape nak malu pula. Yati pun azam tahun baru, nak jadi lebih produktif, jahit dan buat lebih banyak cross stitch dan crafts. Insya-Allah. Malaysia boleh! ^_^